About Us

About Us:

English4Work was born out of the urge to rethink teaching English for the workplace. If professionals wanted to learn job-related language skills, what were their options?
We thought: not enough!
So we made it our mission to make teaching professional English accessible and affordable for everyone. Language should not stand in the way of anyone’s opportunities and careers.
We are a small but dedicated team from all different walks of life, so we know this first-hand. All of us come from different countries, different professional backgrounds, different generations, and speak different languages. Currently, we have team members, partners, and supporters operating in/from Singapore, Sweden, Cambodia, USA, Austria, Poland, UK, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, India, Brazil, France, Japan, Germany, China, and Australia. It is this diversity that makes our collective a creative and efficient hub.

English4Work was started in 2005 as a passion project by past and current ESP/EFL teachers, who also have careers in IT. In early 2020 we decided to take our work of the past 15 years to the next level, and reinvent ourselves as a start-up. The result is the SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that you see today.

Why? Because we continuously strive to deliver, improve, and extend high-quality content for educators and students to use. This includes engaging and relevant resources, units, activities, and a pedagogically valuable e-learning system provided through our platform. It is our ambition to create real win-win-win solutions for everyone involved, all the while making a real, positive social impact!

Together – working 100% remotely – we have created a truly global e-learning platform with a clear focus on several workplace English and ESP (English for Specific Purposes) industries.
Today we are proud that more than 27,000 teachers and 160,000 students from around the world have registered with us.

We are working tirelessly every day to bring quality English language education to more and more people. In the near future we aim to cover more industries and are constantly extending our content, to empower educators and foster self-learning!

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Over the years, we have created a family of websites (our Modules) – all dedicated to various Workplace English solutions for public and private sector English language education, to be used by teachers, trainers, educators, NGOs, business owners, SMEs, schools, organisations, enterprises, universities or government institutions alike.
The Modules that currently comprise our English4Work family are:
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If you have any other question about us, or need more information about our Platform, feel free to check out our FAQ, our Use Cases, or Contact Us at any time – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. ☺