“I find it surprising that there are students and teachers who had never learned or taught online prior to Covid-19 but in certain parts of the world – and Europe is no exception to this – making the shift has been tough. These platforms are here to stay – and this one, with over 50 units dedicated to medical English, is ahead of the pack by a long way.”

– Catherine Richards,
Founder of EALTHY


Who are we?

EALTHY is the leading members’ association for teachers of English for medical purposes. We organise professional development events and are the people behind the biannual Teaching English for Healthcare conference, a highly respected two-day event which attracts presenters and delegates from across the world. EALTHY is also the place to come to for teaching resources, an online magazine dedicated to English for medicine, book reviews and useful websites.

Why and how do we use English4Work?

One of the reasons EALTHY was set up was to help teachers of EMP source appropriate, quality teaching materials. Until you begin teaching EMP you don’t fully appreciate just how much general medical vocabulary our students need. It’s particularly true for doctors and nurses but it’s also the case for other healthcare professionals: dentists, physiotherapists, radiographers. Add to that the very real fact that the majority of teachers of EMP do not have a medical background. For me it’s very reassuring that I can use the little time that I have – a common problem for ESP teachers – to concentrate on practicing the skills in the classroom, or on teaching profession-specific vocabulary, confident that the students’ general medical vocabulary is being taken care of by

The platform is a resource I can send my students to for homework at the beginning of the academic year, I regularly check their progress throughout the year and by the end see just how much their vocabulary and reading comprehension has improved. Sometimes I set certain units as a pre-task before we look at something together in class. I really like the pronunciation feature too – the choice of accent and gender is a nice touch.

What do we appreciate most about English4Work?

I believe that EALTHY members – me included – who had already been using the platform with their classes did not find the sudden requirement to teach online so stressful or complex. And neither did their students. My 3rd year students don’t get stressed now when I send them online. They trust the platform and seem to retain a lot of vocabulary. It encourages independent learning and I see that there are students who always do more than I ask… (I love that I can monitor their progress by the way.) 

Does your organization need a large amount of student seats and multiple teacher accounts, or do you want the English4Work platform co-branded with your own logo?