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“Students of the MedicalEnglishAcademy have used our 30 Day Challenge to help them gain positions in English speaking countries, communicate better with English speaking patients and even to volunteer abroad with Medicine sans Frontiers.
We look forward to using English4Work to help enable more doctors, dentists, nurses and surgeons to further their careers.”

– Justin Watts,
Founder of MedicalEnglishAcademy

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Who are we?

At the MedicalEnglishAcademy, we believe that it is unfair that you need to speak English in order to access the latest medical technologies and breakthroughs. We also know that there is no one with less time on their hands than a medical practitioner or student.
That’s why we provide 15 minute a day, 30-day challenges.

Why English4Work?

Our goal in using English4Work is to provide students with a range of easy to access and focused educational content. In doing so, we are able to provide activities including vocabulary, reading, multiple choice questions, listening comprehension, spelling and recognition.
We have not found a provider that was as teacher-focused and supportive as English4Work – they knew what we were looking to provide and have been very helpful and insightful.

How do we use English4Work?

We are using the English4Work toolkit for the marking and grading of the activities which also enables students to receive their certificates upon completion.

At the MedicalEnglishAcademy, we are believers in using a blend of mediums so we have incorporated our own videos into every day of our 30 Day Challenge. This supports and advances the existing content in English4Work.
Students sign up for our 30 Day Challenge and are given login details to the English4Work portal via email on the day that the course starts. They are then sent reminders and video activities via email on a daily basis. Interactions between the teacher and students can also occur on the Classroom Wall.

What do we appreciate most about English4Work?

What we find most helpful is utilising the whole range of content that English4Work provides. We leverage the full range of text and audio activities, which are in two different accents and cover 42 different medical areas including dentistry, nursing, COVID-19, Anatomy, Medical Science, Medical Slang, EMT, Elderly care, Mental Health and many many more.

English4Work dramatically lifted our ability to deliver high quality Medical English education to an unlimited number of students all around the world.

Want to see what you can accomplish with English4Work?

Find the right fit for you among our many tiers and modules, or get the package.