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August 14, 2021

How learning with a teaching website drastically improves results – according to science

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning has been a long-standing argument. However, the clear conclusion is that learning online can dramatically boost students' success. Here's the science behind the English4Work teaching website - and why it’s more effective than traditional classroom learning.
Learning with a teaching website

Did you know…

… that students who learn online retain 25-60% more material, compared to only 8-10% that students in a traditional classroom retain? WallStreet English discovered some interesting data regarding the job-relevance of the English language.
If you didn’t, this is your wake-up call to start investing in online components to add to your curriculum!


5 reasons to incorporate a teaching website


English4Work is such an online component. The teacher resources we provide do not perpetuate mindless studying.
Instead, we put the focus of our teaching website on comprehension. We want learners to actually enjoy studying. The goal is for your students to not only know their vocabulary terms, but to thoroughly understand them and recognize how to use them in different contexts.

One of our user’s students says it best:
“The way the program is structured, it not only taught me English, but also thinking skills and comprehension.”


Here’s what you can expect from the English4Work platform:

  • Top-quality content, written by industry experts and (former) ESL/EFL teachers.
  • Our custom-built system is extremely intuitive, and encourages effortless and sustainable learning through processes that are known to increase content retention, such as gamification, repetition, and certification.
  • Teachers can customize their students’ learning experience according to their needs. It is even possible for students to use the platform as a self-study vocabulary builder – completely teacher-independently. You only need to enrol them and they are good to go by themselves.  🙂


Top quality teaching website content

The content on our platform is written by industry experts in collaboration with certified EFL instructors.
But in today’s educational landscape, learning success is far from dependent on content alone. That’s why our system is designed by IT professionals who also have experience teaching English. They know exactly what an e-learning platform must be structured like, so as to ensure top-tier learning outcomes.


Built on the 4 pillars of language learning

The four pillars of language learning, otherwise known as the four golden skills of language learning are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. You cannot truly master a new language if you neglect any one of these skills. Your knowledge will remain incomplete.
The English4Work teaching website incorporates activities that target each skill individually, and in addition activities that combine different skills to facilitate true language comprehension and enhance retention. Studies have actually shown that simultaneously listening to and reading a text promotes vocabulary learning as well as improves reading fluency and comprehension. This is why students learning English with the English4Work platform report learning more efficiently, retaining more information while putting in less effort.

The 4 pillars of language learning for your teaching website


Customizable course delivery

Adjust your classroom settings to turn your courses into whatever you need them to be. Self-study language lab. Teacher-centered and interactive. All is possible.
With an English4Work subscription you can instantly start teaching, with all content and activities already assembled! The best thing about the English4Work teaching website is that you can incorporate our tools in a number of ways: Either completely online, or in combination with offline materials. Your customized classrooms can then serve as templates for future courses and help streamline your work!
Learn about how other schools and organizations utilize the English4Work platform to teach.



What is gamification in education?
Gamification applies game-inspired mechanics to a non-gaming environment in order to increase motivation and engagement levels, encourage specific behavior, and help users achieve specific goals.

Why should you bet on gamification?
Studies show that gamified solutions immensely contribute to successful performance. For instance, with gamification 80% of learners study more effectively, and 85% of employees exhibit more engagement at their workplace. Furthermore, 75% of workers report feeling more motivated to work harder. Companies who have implemented gamification strategies have seen impressive results in terms of employee productivity.

We use this to our collective advantage!
Through gamification of our teaching website, its system and activities, learning English becomes both fun AND effective. For instance, students can compare their skills to other learners within the platform’s World Ranking.

Teaching website gamification


Repetition, repetition, repetition

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” – Zig Ziglar

Repetition is absolutely crucial to sustainable learning. That’s because it helps transfer information from the consciousness to the subconscious mind. The principle is simple: The more you encounter something, the better you will remember it.
The English4Work teaching website’s design therefore incorporates a lot of repetition of newly acquired vocabulary terms into all activities – from Reading, to Multiple Choice, to Spelling, and more. After completing a unit your students will realize how effortlessly they are able to recall all of the new language skills learned.


Instant Feedback

Feedback is extremely important for students’ learning progress, and teaching websites like ours has the massive advantage that obtaining feedback is possible without delay! Instant system grading of activities gives both you and your students a real-time overview of their progress and achievements. This enables teachers and students to assess how well they are doing, in which areas they are strong, and where they are struggling. You can encourage and provide guidance where needed. As their teacher, you know your students best, and are their enabler to achieve their goals. Effective feedback can improve your student’s self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning, as well as give them a confidence boost, so don’t underestimate its power!


Student Certification

Obtaining a certificate showcases commitment and competency to pursue one’s goals. It’s proof that students have acquired relevant expertise in the subject of their interest and can facilitate their chances when applying for jobs. Apart from establishing professional credibility, certificates can make someone stand out from the crowd by highlighting their uniqueness.
The English4Work teaching website automatically grants certificates to students who successfully complete ALL units with an average grade of 85% or above – completely transparent, and hassle-free for both students and teacher. If they wish, they can then download their certificate to use in future, or showcase their success on LinkedIn and other social media.

Student Certificate from the English4IT teaching website


Teacher Empowerment

The vision behind English4Work is to empower teachers.
The way our teaching website is built, teachers can easily teach with or without an organization at minimal cost. This empowers all teachers, no matter where, no matter their circumstances, to sustainably offer professional English language education. It also allows teachers to easily design a business around and scale with English4Work.


So what have we learned from all of this?

Providing an online component, such as incorporating a teaching website into your curriculum can vastly improve your students’ learning success. It makes it more fun, more effortless, and more sustainable.
We have also learned that the phrase “Work hard, play hard” is outdated. Work and play are not opposites, but can form an amazing symbiosis.
The way forward is clear.

start with the best teaching website



Are you looking to be a world-class online English educator too?
Register for a FREE DEMO, and see what English4Work can do for you!

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