IT Unit 10: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 13 vocabulary words below.
the evolution of devices towards common functionality
The iPhone is a good example of convergence, because it has all the features of a PDA, mobile phone, and an MP3 player in one package.
embedded system
a computer using a relatively slow and specialized processor and ROM chip, normally used to control a particular device such as a washing machine or an MP3 player
Nearly all electronics you can buy today are controlled by embedded systems.
a portable computer with a built-in screen, integrated keyboard, and battery power; also called a 'notebook'
As laptop computers have become more powerful and affordable, they are steadily replacing the more traditional desktop computer.
legacy system
an older device or application that continues to be used because of the high cost of replacing it
Mainframes and minicomputers used to be cutting edge; now they are known as legacy systems.
a small laptop with less powerful components meant for surfing the web, reading email, and other basic tasks.
I wanted to play Call of Duty 4 while I was traveling, but the graphics card in my netbook could only handle Solitaire.
PC (personal computer)
a computer designed for use by one person at a time
When people use the term 'PC', they are often referring to a desktop computer running Windows.
PDA (personal digital assistant)
a handheld computer about the size of wallet used as an organizer, web browser, game machine, mobile phone, or message recorder; also known as a hand-held computer
The modern traveling businessman depends on his PDA to organize all his contacts and appointments.
print server
a physical or software device connecting and facilitating a network with a printer
The secretary could not get a hard copy because the print server was broken.
a specialized computer which connects two networks
The DSL router allowed the entire office to share a single Internet connection.
a type of computer intended primarily for central distribution of data to other computers on the same network
Because servers hold large amounts of centralized data, it is critical to have daily backup routines in place.
refers to only the most powerful class of computer, typically designed to perform specialized tasks such as weather prediction, governmental financial calculations, or space research.
A typical supercomputer may have up to 100 processors and have speeds measued in tens of gigaflops.
tablet PC
a portable computer shaped in the form of a notebook and capable of advanced handwriting recognition via use of a stylus or on-screen keyboard.
Bill Gates predicted the rise of the tablet PC in 2001, but not much happened until Apple announced the iPad in 2010.
a high quality computer, typically with lots of RAM, plenty of CPU power, and a high quality video card
The engineer's latest 3d modeling project was so processor intensive, that he wouldn't even begin it until his new workstation arrived.
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