August 4, 2021|
August 4, 2021

Your ultimate online English teaching tool

Welcome to English4Work - Your ultimate online English teaching tool to take your courses to the next level! In this post, we introduce you to our platform, and how it will help you become a world-class teacher for professional English and English for the workplace.
Online English Teaching

Who is English4Work for?

Do you teach work-relevant English or English for Specific Purposes?
Are you teaching with an association, such as a university, an NGO, a business, or a language school or are you teaching by yourself from home?
Are you looking for an online English teaching tool to make your life easier?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
English4Work is your all-in-one, ready-to-go professional English teaching tool to transform the way you deliver online English teaching.
Imagine if all of your administrative tasks, such as gathering appropriate resources, picking out vocabulary sheets, devising activities for your students, and even grading and certification, were all taken care of.
How would your teaching look differently?

online English teaching certificate for students

This is what your students’ Medical English certificate could look like


What is English4Work in a nutshell?

A comprehensive e-learning platform to empower educators with jobs teaching work-related English across industries. We take care of multi-media content, activities, grading, and certification – allowing teachers to use their valuable time and energy to focus on their students’ individual needs, and reach more people.
Our online English teaching tools are 100% web-based, and best of all: At less than 50 cents per student per month they are available to educators for prices that are a fraction of the market average.


Which industries can I teach with English4Work?

English4Work runs a network of teaching platforms in the following fields:


In total, our platform currently contains:
126 units, 792 activities, 2266 terms, and over 1310 minutes of audio content in both UK and US English across all of our modules.
You can choose one or more modules, or get a package license for all of our available online English teaching modules.

- Your ultimate online English teaching tool

How do I know English4Work is the right fit for me and my students?

Easy! Just register for a DEMO account on our page. It’s completely free, and it gives you great insight into our platform and the pedagogy behind it.

A DEMO account gives you instant insight into the content and activities that your students will see, how you can deliver it, how they can access it, and how you can track their progress – for all modules!
The best part? You can even already enroll your students and test how you can provide an amazing learning experience for them right from the start! It’s an online English teaching tool like no other!
Register for a FREE DEMO.


Don’t forget to adjust your classroom settings!

By changing your classroom settings, you can control learning methods by choosing which types of activities your students will have access to.
For instance: By disabling the speaking and writing activities in your classroom settings, you can practically automate your classroom to be a self-study language lab, which your students can absolve in a self-paced manner.
You can find more information here.


Which tier is the right one for me?

We offer different ‘tier levels’ for different users – depending on your specific needs.
Are you a small organization or individual teacher? Check out our Basic Tier.
Are you a medium sized organization or an entrepreneur? The Advanced Tier might be right for you.
Are you a large organization aiming to train many learners? You may be interested in the Pro+ Tier.
Higher Tiers also come with additional features to customize the platform for your optimal online English teaching experience.
Get a full overview of all available products, and get started on your online English teaching journey with English4Work.

online English teaching with these English4Work license tiers


What if I want more of this online English teaching tool?

No worries. If you need a custom solution, with more student seats, more classrooms, and/or more teacher accounts, we have several partnership options for you!
You can even get your own co-branded versions of our platform, displaying your logo.
Make an inquiry here to become a partner.


Are you looking to be a world-class online English educator too?
Register for a FREE DEMO, and see what English4Work can do for you!

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