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WHAT IS English4Work?

We are a Software as a Service platform, for teachers, trainers, educators, NGOs, businesses, schools and universities worldwide. Our ready-made lessons and activities, based on a unified module framework, provide content for multiple industries. We aim to enable our users to teach English online, to their pupils, students, employees or teams – instantly!

Multi-media content, marking, grades and certificates – all provided 4 you!

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Our current Content Modules

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28 Core Units

  • 196 Activities
  • 475 Terms
  • +350 min of audio content

23 Core Units
30 Tech Units

  • 281 Activities
  • 1061 Terms
  • +430 min of audio content

20 Core Units

  • 140 Activities
  • 348 Terms
  • +240 min of audio content

15 Core Units

  • 105 Activities
  • 232 Terms
  • +160 min of audio content

10 Core Units

  • 70 Activities
  • 150 Terms
  • +100 min of audio content





and counting…

Why do so many teachers choose English4Work to teach English online?

Student Seats included:

The amount of included student seats depends on your Tier selection below.

Grading & Reports:

Detailed reporting for all classrooms activities and grades, for the teacher to review.

Original Content & Activities:

Our content is written by professionals and edited by certified EFL instructors.

Responsive Interface:

All activities can be done on a smartphone, tablet, computer or any size device.

US & UK English Audios:

All of our core content comes with American and British English audios for all available terms.

Classroom Community:

Class “Wall” where teachers can post important updates, pdfs, mp3s, and image files.

Customisable Certification:

Includes a QR-code verifiable certificate that students can download and print out.

100% Ad and Spam FREE:

We have no advertisement, to distract your students from the educational experience.

Our available Licence Tiers:


– 40 Student Seats
– 2 Classrooms

Basic Features:
+ Comprehension Questions
+ Activity Help Feature
+ Activity Restart Feature
+ Set Writing Limits


– 100 Student Seats &
– 5 Classrooms
– All Basic Features

Advanced Features:
+ Student quick add tool
+ Advanced Multiple Choice option
+ Disable Speaking/Writing Activities
= allows you to automate your classroom as a self-study vocabulary builder


– 200 Student Seats
– 10 Classrooms
– All Basic Features
– All Advanced Features

Pro+ Features:
+ Bulk-Add Student import tool
+ The possibility to Co-Brand your certificate with your logo (at additional cost)

What others say about English4Work

“Excellent stuff! Isn’t the rule of thumb that we forget 80% of new vocabulary within 24 hours if we don’t use it?
Thankfully, English4Work uses the three R’s of successful language learning: repetition, repetition, and repetition.”

– Suraigi, Philippines

Our users teach English online from more than 70 different countries around the world & over 160.000 students globally have already registered to our courses in the last 15 years – since we started on this journey…

Read what our Featured Users say about English4Work:

HOW does it work? WHAT is included?


We like to think of ourselves as an "interactive online textbook" with a built-in "certification program". Our platform can be used to teach English online, or blended with learning in physical classrooms. Our courses are delivered through a standard web browser and work great on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with an Internet connection.


We offer monthly subscription licences, for either one of our industry specific Modules or our Packages - with all content included - in different Tier options for extra features & the possibility to automate part of the educational experience, from our “Advanced” Tier up…


Our platform features a wide variety of different professional English language learning activities, including Reading, Multiple Choice, Listening Comprehension, Spelling and Recognition, Speaking and Writing, with automatic reports, grading and certification granting by our custom-built system, using both American English and British English accents.

Does your organization need a large amount of student seats and multiple teacher accounts, or do you want the English4Work platform co-branded with your own logo?