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“We have tried other platforms in the past but not all the students have adhered to them. With English4IT, on the other hand, both our students and adult learners have given positive feedback. They feel that they are improving their English skills specifically for their chosen career. The site helps them to develop their vocabulary and understanding of various concepts in English, so makes them more confident of being able to tackle any document they will encounter in their future professional life, which will invariably be in English.”

– Jane Cherrill,
Project Manager: English Teaching Programmes and Resources

- Groupe AEN


Who are we?

Groupe AEN is an association, grouping together seven campuses with the central offices in Agen, France. We offer courses for students leaving school who wish to develop their knowledge and skills for a career in Information Technology up to engineering level (Master’s level), with a variety of branches to choose from. Our approach is to work closely with companies in the local community, creating “real” projects for the students to work on, to develop their IT skills but also their “soft” skills, such as communication, marketing and leadership.
We have also started adult training courses for anyone wishing to develop or improve their skills, again working closely with local companies to fulfil their need for qualified technicians in various areas.

Why and how do we use English4Work?

Of course, the students have official exams in English to validate their diplomas, but our aim is also to train our students to function in English in the professional world. With this in mind, we looked for something that would help our students to improve their level in English as well as develop their knowledge in some basic IT concepts, as a complement to the English used in the classroom, which mostly develops their “soft” skills.
We started using English4IT in September 2020. As we feel that it is essential for students to work on their English outside of the classroom, English4IT has become the students’ English “challenge” for semester 1 and semester 2. They complete the modules and submit the work for grading, with deadlines for the different elements. This semester, we have included some of the Writing assignments as presentations to be given in class.
We have recently expanded English4IT to some of the adult training courses too, using it more as a tool in our lessons, with the addition of in-class vocabulary tests based on the words and expressions introduced in the different units.

What do we appreciate most about English4Work?

English4IT has helped Groupe AEN enormously over the last year, with all our classes going on-line during the pandemic. It has given our students something to focus on, and has provided a tool for our teachers to assess students at a distance, outside of normal classroom activities.
We will continue to use English4IT for our future students, and potentially extend its use to all the courses we offer throughout the group.

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