- Inasmuch



What do our students say?

“Our students love learning with the English4Work platform. As a paraphrase of all the feedback I have received: “It was so useful. Thank you.”

– Inasmuch Volunteer Teacher

- Inasmuch


Who are we?

I teach on the ESL program at Inasmuch Community Society.
Inasmuch provides transition housing, settlement services, English language training, education advice, employment mentoring and more for refugee claimants in Canada.

Why and how do we use English4Work?

Our goal at Inasmuch is to prepare students for their specific areas of work – they often have the skills and qualifications, and also need to know the specific terms in English.
We were looking for a reasonably priced, flexible program, where students could see progress clearly, ideally with a certificate at the end, so they have proof of their studies and progress.
We have been using English4Work since 2015, initially with English4Accounting, as we needed a specific vocabulary course. We loved the interactive nature of the website, as we needed something that students could study at their own pace, inside and outside the classroom too. We have since used English4IT and MedicalEnglish. We saw a real improvement in students’ confidence and accuracy when using professional vocabulary.
We utilize the English4Work platform with one-on-one classes – mainly as a flipped classroom. We enroll students, set up classrooms, review face to face and discuss the concepts in class using the target vocabulary. We often design games/activities using the target language, and also use listening and reading activities from other sources (like and or to review the language.

What do we appreciate most about English4Work?

The fact that it is interactive, that it covers all the four skills, that there are UK as well as US accents, and that the teacher as well as the student are involved, along with the fact that the students can get a certificate at the end. And all at a really reasonable price too.

We strongly believe in the value of education!
Unfortunately, education is not easily accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.
So we want to help: